Road Department

The road department is comprised of a four-person crew that works out of the main garage at 2193 Frank Road.  The road department maintains and utilizes the following equipment in the course of their daily duties.

                               Three Dump Trucks                      Three Snow Plows                        Jet Vacuum       

                                   Brush Clipper                                  Leaf Vacuum                        Asphalt Roller

Brush Removal - To schedule brush pick-up call the Township Business Office at 279-9411, Monday through  Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Brush must be placed in the right-of-way in front of your house or in the alley. Brush should be a maximum of 3 inches to 5 inches in diameter and be no more than 10 feet in length with the limbs facing the same direction. The Road Department will not pick up wood boards, logs, tree stumps, garden waste or any sort of building material. If you would like to have your wood chips, please let us know when you schedule pick-up.

Try backyard composting!  A compost pile or bin is a great way to recycle yard waste and enhance your home’s gardens.  Residents in Franklin County can also take their leaves, grass, and brush – FREE OF CHARGE – to either of the SWACO contracted compost facilities:

                2850 Rohr Road, Groveport, (614) 491-0868          4120 Roberts Road, Upper Arlington, (614) 921-9330
                                     -There is a $6 per ton charge for businesses at the two locations shown above.

For Free Disposal of Trees and Bushes Only:
The City of Columbus Compost Facility,
7000 Jackson Pike, Lockbourne, Ohio 43137, (614) 645-3153.
Dedicated loads of Yard Waste are banned from SWACO’s Franklin County Landfill by state law.

Specific issues that the Road Department does not handle are;

Street lights                               Water Lines                        Sewage

Unsanitary conditions            Local trash pick up            Unsanitary conditions

Trash in yards                           Zoning enforcement

Helpful Numbers

Tire Disposal - 614-871-8097 - Liberty Tire - 3041 Jackson Pike,

AEP - 1-800-277-2177

Ohio Gas Company - 1-800-331-7396

Call before you dig - 811 - 1-800-362-2764

Nail a dumper - 614-871-5322

SWACO Dump - 614-871-5100

County Phone Numbers

Franklin County Auditor - 614-525-3200

Franklin County Dog Shelter - 614-525-3400

Franklin County Public Health -614-525-3160

          -Call to report unsanitary conditions, trash in yards.

Franklin County Zoning - 614-525-3094        

Franklin County Engineers - 614-525-3072