Station 192: 4100 Sullivant Ave.  43228 – 279-0089
Station 193: 2193 Frank Rd.  43223 – 279-1441

To the residents of Franklin Township,

On behalf of me, Chief Welch, and all of the members of the Franklin Township Fire Department, we would like to sincerely thank you for passing our fire levy. This levy has assured that Station 193 on Frank Road will continue to serve the residents of Franklin Township and also allows us to maintain the level of service you deserve. Chief Welch and I understand that paying more for the fire department was a difficult decision and please know that we do not take it lightly. We appreciate you trusting in the fire department’s administration, and that we will be excellent stewards of your hard earned money. We have managed to stretch every dollar as far as possible and we will continue to find ways to make every dollar count. If you ever want to know how we are spending your money, please do not hesitate to contact your fire department administration.  Once again,  Chief Welch and I would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support.

Chas Adams
Asst Chief

Fire Department


Fire Department Personnel

Chief James Welch

3 Shift Captains

3 Shift Lieutenants

21 Shift firefighters

1 Prevention Bureau Captain


To protect life and property in Franklin Township and surrounding areas by providing fire protection and education, fire suppression and emergency medical services in the most effective manner.  To maintain all facilities and equipment, assure emergency readiness, and to be the emergency management agency of the Township.