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Disposing of Electronic Waste (e-Waste)

Electronic waste or "e-Waste" is a term used to describe old, end-of-life electronic devices and small appliances. Examples of e-Waste include, but are not limited to computers, monitors, copiers, television sets, stereo and audio equipment, phones, and game consoles.  End-of-life electronics are a fast growing waste stream.  Safely recycling outdated electronics can promote the safe management of hazardous components and supports the reuse and recovery of valuable materials and resources.

SWACO encourages the safe recycling and disposal of e-Waste by listing companies on SWACO's website that have provided detailed information regarding their downstream recycling and disposal practices.  To learn more visit:

Noise Resolution in Franklin Township

At the June 20 meeting of the Franklin Township Board of Trustees a resolution was passed to regulate noise within Franklin Township.  To view the resolution click on the link below.

Noise Resolution 13-112

Support The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Franklin Township has the desire to continue to help extend the life of our County Landfill by reducing, reusing, and recycling.  We have a very important opportunity for our residents to consider. Not only do you already have the ability to dispose of unwanted furniture through our bulk pick-up service with our trash hauler, Local Waste, but more importantly, for those items that are new, or gently used, you can donate them to the local Furniture Bank. It is quick, easy, painless, and you are left knowing that you were able to help those less fortunate. Please help us "Turn Empty Houses Into Homes".

The Furniture Bank of Central Ohio will pick up for free from residents and businesses in Franklin Township any “gently used” furniture donations. Primarily we need tables, chairs, beds, couches, and dressers. By dialing 614-545-3838 residents and businesses can make an appointment to have their donation picked up by Furniture Bank drivers free of charge. The furniture is redistributed to struggling families in Central Ohio. Residents can also make an appointment for pickup at:

Ohio Furniture Bank Home Page

Community Gardens

Franklin County has announced the relocation of its community gardens.  Previously located at the corner of Gantz and Frank Roads, the garden will now be located at 1919 Frank Road behind the Children Services building.  Gardeners from throughout the community are invited apply to use the gardens.

Healthy Habits

The following brochure was made available to the Franklin Township office regarding tips for developing a healthier life style.  Click on the link below to view the PDF document.

Tips for Healthy Habits

Lighting District Process

Below are links to the petition process and sample forms for obtaining street lighting for a residential district.  The first document link outlines the process that must be followed to petition for street lighting.

·       Lighting Petition Process

·       Petition (Example)

·       Petition to Board of Trustees (Example)

·       Fiscal Officer Notice to Trustees (Example)

·       Notice of Hearing (Example)

·       Notice of Resolution Adoption (Example)

New Real Estate Tax Payment Plans and Information

Read the articles below for more information on the new real estate tax payment plan, payment plan request form, and the homestead exemption credit.

·       Direct Debit Information

·       Budget Pay Plan Information

·       Budget Pay Plan Form

·       Homestead Exemption Credit

GrowNow and SaveNow Programs

State Treasurer of Ohio has release two brochures on the GrowNow and SaveNow programs.  GrowNow is a partnership program between eligible banks and the Ohio Treasury to help small businesses.  SaveNow is a program offered by the State Treasurer’s office and offers 3% bonus interest on savings accounts for Ohio citizens.  For more details click on one of the links below.

·       GrowNow Brochure

·       SaveNow Brochure

SWACO Recycles Household Hazardous Wastes

All materials collected from residents are recycled if possible or disposed of in the most environmentally sound manner.  A complete list of acceptable items is available online at  A reminder, SWACO does not accept latex or water based paints at HHW collections.  Those paints are not hazardous and once dried can be thrown in the trash.  If you are unsure whether the paint is water based or latex, read the instructions on the can.  Any paint that cleans up with soap and water will not be accepted.

SWACO’s permanent residential HHW collection center at 1249 Essex Avenue in Columbus is available Wednesdays and Fridays 12 PM-6 PM and Thursdays 9 AM-5 PM.

Township-wide Trash Collection

The Township Trustees have voted for a five year contract with Local Waste, with a two year extension, and a built-in “out” clause after three years.  This contract will include three services, which include trash pick-up, recycling, and yard waste.  Residents will be paying $13.78 fixed per month for three services went into effect January 1, 2011.  A fuel surcharge could be added to what a resident pays depending on the density of the area and a second surcharge would come from the increase in the tipping fee.   For more information view the Township newsletter using the link at the top of this page.


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Brochures Available on your Safety

The Franklin County Board of Commissioners has made available two new brochures concerning your safety.  They are available in the Franklin Township office for your convenience, or you can view them here by clicking the links below.  Contact Community Relations/D.A.R.E. at 1945 Frebis Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206, Office (614) 525-4507, Fax (614) 525-2468, Cell (614) 205-4112 or Email:

ü  Personal Empowerment Program (PEP) – (Free programs from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)  Click Here

ü  Are you an Easy Target? – Click Here

Southwest Area Plan Summary

The Southwest Area Plan is a collaboration between four jurisdictions; Columbus, Franklin County, Franklin Township, and Jackson Township.  The plan was initiated at the request of the Southwest Area Commission.  Click Here for More Details

Westside Messenger

The Westside Messenger is now available for pick-up at the Township Business Office at 2193 Frank Road.

Reflective House Number Signs
Reflective house number signs (18 inches x 6 inches) can be purchased at the Township Business Office, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. The signs are aluminum with a green reflective background and white reflective numbers. Signs can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and with numbers on both sides. The cost is $6.00 per sign, $0.70 per number.

SWACO Community Collection Bins are located at both firehouses.  Please limit usage to recyclable materials: paper, steel cans, plastic, glass.  NO sorting is necessary.   A full list of items may be picked up at the Township Business Office.